Uniforms and a dress code help maintain a school culture of unity and academic excellence. Our students wear uniforms to make clothing selection easier for families, avoid the inevitable distractions and status distinctions caused by clothing, and ensure that our students are focused on learning, not what other students are wearing.


  • Burgundy or Black Ashé Prep collared polo (short or long-sleeve)
  • Visible undershirts must be solid, white, khaki, or black
  • Black sweaters/crewneck sweatshirts, including those with Ashé  Prep logo with collared shirt
  • Khaki skirts, shorts, jumpers, dresses, or pants
  • Shorts and skirts should go to the knee
  • No jean or jean styled material
  • No sweatpants or sweatpants style material
  • No leggings or tights without real pockets
  • Tights must be free of decorations/designs and be white, khaki, or black in color
  • Closed-toe shoes that can be worn for in-school sports activities (no sandals or heels even on free dress days)
  • No clothing, jewelry, or accessories that are a distraction to the learning of the student or others
  • Jackets and hoodies may not be worn in class
  • Hats may not be worn in the building
  • Students are encouraged to wear Ashé  Prep shirts or college shirts or sweatshirts on Fridays

To purchase Ashé Prep collared polos you can visit our ordering site for uniforms or contact Ashé Prep at jtwilliams@asheprep.org.

For an example of the uniform bottoms, you can look at Ashé  Prep’s uniform website: https://www.frenchtoast.com/schoolbox/schools/ashe-preparatory-academy-QS5LRAA