Culturally responsive and academically rigorous teaching methods incorporating decades of historical and contemporary research about teaching children of color, children learning English, and children from low-income families to high levels of academic achievement and persistence

Curriculum-embedded and technology-supported civic and community-focused thematic projects and studies in every grade level beginning with My Neighborhood in Kindergarten and culminating with My World in 8th grade

Student leadership development through community service and engagement with the Skyway community

Year-round professional development for teachers focused on cultural/linguistic inclusion in the classroom and increased cultural intelligence in the community

Student-centered collectives (Ujima Teams) comprised of the student, teacher, family member, and a community mentor who are in close contact regularly and convene quarterly to support each student’s academic, non-academic, and social-emotional growth through a personalized growth plan that challenges strengths and strengthens challenges

Regular creative genius celebrations (Kuumba), where students showcase their genius – their academic and creative gifts and strengths – and are celebrated for upholding high academic expectations and school values